Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed categories containing a wide range of Frequently Asked Questions, that should assist you in setting up and managing your hosting account. If you don’t see an answer to your specific question, you can submit it to us via email at (particularly if it is a sensitive billing issue!).

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General Support Questions

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Hosting Questions

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Pre-Sales Questions

If I sign up for an account, will you provide me with help and assistance?

YES!! First rate and rapid support is absolutely CRITICAL. You can contact us for very fast, friendly and extremely helpful support via email at

If you have any more questions, then send an email to for a swift and friendly reply.

Where is the Datacentre based?
Our servers are based in Sydney. They are located in state of the art datacentres, giving you peace of mind.
Is your web hosting reliable?
We try our very best to make our servers, and therefore your websites, as reliable as possible. We use professional grade equipment, in a secure, high performance datacentre, and we run backups of your website DAILY.

Backups are kept both on the server and a secure Amazon Web Services storage account. This means that we can restore your website’s files at any time.

You should still take your own backups from within cPanel though – ensuring you have a full copy of your website is your responsibility.
We highly recommend that you take your OWN backups, particularly if your data is important.

Do you provide Windows based hosting?
No. Island Hosting only provides Linux based hosting. We do not provide Windows based hosting services.
How long does it take to establish an account?
From the time you complete the order form, your account will be activated in under 12 hours. Usually it is much less than this but please allow 12 hours maximum. Most accounts are activated in just minutes.
If I buy hosting, and I don't like it, do I get my money back?
Yes. We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our services.
In our Control Panels for each domain name, can we setup email addresses, sub-domains, auto-responders etc?
Yes, the Control Panel (cPanel) is one of the very best in the industry. You can manage all aspects of your hosting from setting up email addresses to configuring your MySQL databases. It’s set out in a friendly manner and it’s easy to understand and use.
Can I see how much disk space and Data Transfer my domain names are utilising?
Yes. That information is available in Control Panels for each domain name. The Disk Usage tool is a great way of seeing where the space is being consumed in your account, for example emails or website files.
If I buy a Plan and want to upgrade (or downgrade) that plan to another Plan level, is that possible?
Yes, certainly. You can either email us OR submit an Upgrade order via the Billing Portal. Once the upgrade order is paid, your account is upgraded to the required plan level with NO interruption to your website or emails. More information about upgrading or downgrading your account can be found here.
Do you allow FrontPage extensions?
No, we do not. If your site still requires FrontPage extensions to run, then it’s time to chat with someone about upgrading your website!
Do you provide a dedicated IP address with each domain name?
There are specific reasons why you might need a dedicated IP, for example an SSL certificate for secure shopping, or for FTP purposes. Dedicated IPs will not be allowed if not for these purposes.

If you do require a dedicated IP, then you will need to purchase one at a cost of $10.00 per month, per IP. Our technical staff would then assign the IP to your domain.

Normal accounts are set up as name-based accounts, and they share the main Island Hosting IP address.