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Payment Questions

How will I be billed by Island Hosting?

When you first sign up with Island Hosting, we will email you an invoice for payment within 14 days, along with all your account setup details. Your hosting starts from the date we send your account details through, and will be renewed according to the plan that you select when you sign up.

We will email hosting invoices to you 30 days prior to the renewal date, and domain invoices will be sent 30 days prior to their renewal date. Payment needs to be made by the renewal date, or your account may be suspended. In the case of domain renewals, your domain could expire if your invoice remains unpaid by the renewal date. This is important to note – if your domain expires, your website and emails stop functioning as well, as they are dependant on the domain being active!

We currently accept payment via EFT (direct deposit), Credit Card and Cheque.

The relevant payment details will be provided on all your invoices.

Make sure you put your Invoice Number in the description field, so that we know you’ve paid!

How can I upgrade or downgrade my account?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account easily, via the online Billing Portal ( Just choose the Plan level that you’d like to change to, and the billing system will generate an order. There is no interruption to your hosting services during this upgrade.

Please note – the billing system will make a pro-rata calculation on your next invoice to account for the increase or decrease in plan.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, you’ll need to log into the Client Portal ( and submit a cancellation request for the product/s you have with us.

Your account will then be terminated on the next expiry date (or sooner, if you request it).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make 100% sure that you have copies of all your files before you submit a request for us to cancel your account.

You may cancel at anytime. If you choose to cancel within 30 days of your registration date, you will receive a 100% refund, unless you are in violation of our Terms of Service, in which case your account will not be refunded. Infringements such as spam & server abuse will result in your account being terminated without notice, and will void the 30 money back guarantee.

All cancellation requests must be initiated by submission via the Client Portal. Account terms are final and there are no refunds of unused time if the service contract is canceled by client before the regular renewal date. Any cancellation request shall be effective upon receipt unless otherwise requested.